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When selling your property it is important to start by taking down detailed instructions. As your conveyancer it is our role to act on your behalf and look after your best interests when selling a property.

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If you’re keen to sell your property efficiently, engaging quality conveyancing gives you an advantage. Ownit can guide you through the conveyancing process to ensure your experience is seamless and stress free.


Vendor’s Statement (Sec 32)

Prior to signing any contract for the sale of your property, a disclosure statement providing prescribed information must be given to any prospective buyer. we have years of experience in both preparing and reviewing Section 32 documents.

Inspecting the property

The purchaser is entitled to an inspection of the property in the week preceding settlement. This is done to check that the property is in the same condition and state of repair as at the date you signed the contract.

Discharging the mortgage

Once the contract for the sale has been signed you need to make an appointment with your financial institution to sign a “Discharge Authority”. We will also write to the lender to make settlement arrangements.

Notifying the sale

Reliance Conveyancing will notify the appropriate council, water authority and body corporate (if any) of the change of ownership details.

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Selling Made Easy

Our understanding of the steps involved in the property market has allowed us to streamline the process of transferring ownership of a property. We will take you through the transfer process from start to finish. At the start we will give you an idea of what to expect and a timeline of the process.

At each stage of the transfer of sale process we will work towards a speedy settlement date. The last thing you want is any delay in settlement due to any mistakes on your part.

What You Can Expect?

When you work with us we will take care of everything required of conveyancing.

  • We will protect you if there is a dispute after the buyer takes possession of the property
  • Negotiate and draw up contract amendments for you
  • Handle property transactions for you
  • Make sure you have an effective release of any mortgage with your lender
  • Forward proceeds of bank cheque or direct deposit to your account
  • Represent you at settlement meetings
  • Communicate to and co-ordinate banks, real estate agents and settlement agents

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