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Buying property is a major decision, and usually something people don’t do very often. For us though, it is our day-to-day focus. Our aim is to make your transaction as transparent and stress free as possible.

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Why choose us

We Are Different From other To Provide Services

At Marwaha Conveyancing, we understand how confusing the property conveyancing process can be. You want seamless and stress free conveyancing, which is exactly what we offer.

Take advantage of our exceptional service at a time and place that suits you, safe in the knowledge we guarantee a low, fixed rate. The only surprise you’ll find is how simple the process is.



Buying property can be exciting but it can also be a stressful event especially as it’s something that we don’t do everyday. Reliance Conveyancing is here to help you make this as stress free as possible so you can actually enjoy the experience.

First home buyers

The memories of buying your first home should be happy and exciting and with our professional guidance it will be. We know all the ins and outs of buying property so you have the peace of mind knowing it will be a seamless experience.

First Home Owner Grant and Concessions

Eligible purchasers who are building or buying their first home may be eligible for state government grants. You can also obtain stamp duty savings when buying a house and land package.

Foreign Buyers

The FIRB (Foreign Investment Review Board) reviews and looks at proposals by foreign buyers looking to purchase property in Australia. Our team can help you with all the requirements helping you get the approvals.

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Buying Made Easy

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What You Can Expect?

When you work with us we will take care of everything required of conveyancing.

  • Protect your interest and legal rights
  • Investigate and advise you on issues that may arise affecting the property
  • Arrange paperwork to be signed in advance
  • Liaise with government departments, real estate agents, banks and the seller’s representatives.
  • Organise and attend settlement on your behalf
  • Prepare all legal documentation
  • Negotiate for any fixtures and fittings in the property and draw up contract amendments
  • Calculate financial adjustments including rates, water and body corporate fees

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